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About Our Farm


Our farm consists of three hectares in the mountains of Cebu; our herd is currently consisting of over 500 Goats. The farm is family owned and our goats do not mix with the barn yard animals. We specifically built isolated pastures for our hybrid lines to lavish them with every need. We maintain an active breeding program under strike control conditions. In the past two years our Doe's have produced twins and sometimes triplets and they have raised all of their kids naturally.

We were fortunate in purchasing a King Harold from the Mount Carmel foundation bloodline in 2004 and we have kept several of his offspring for future expansion.

Molao, Lilo-An
Cebu, Philippines
Our herd is growing daily. Our goats are some of the best boer goats in the Philippines, alot of love and care goes into each one. We hope you enjoy browsing our site. More updates coming soon! Male Goat Female Goat Goats